Decapitated Cone Crusher Is

the worf effect

nbsp018332hunter x hunter had a weird blend of worf effect and worf had the flu in an arm wrestling contest the character that was being established as strong shizuku lost to the main character gon but only barely and immediately after we learn that she is left...

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mechanics killing floor 2

nbsp018332to do damage by these attacks zed should face its enemy zeds target should be within melee attack range and not blocked by obstacles 2 swipe attacks an quotaoe within cone shaped segmentquot type of attacks...

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cruel and unusual death

nbsp018332in the cone by h g wells a man gets deliberately roasted to death by being thrown onto the top of a blast furnacedont read it if youre the slightest bit squeamish youre welcome in the original draft of stephen kings salems lot doctor jimmy cody is eaten alive by a horde of rats...

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austronesian comparative dictionary

nbsp018332taai saisiyat 44 form see saisiyat taai 681 taba 34 shwng bowden 2001 amlif to laugh pcemp malip au 2sg you thou pmp kahu kasu bbu grandparent...

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fictional last words in animated television series

nbsp018332the following is a list of last words attributed to various fictional characters in animated television showscharacters are listed according to the originating show then the name of character the quote is attributed to in case of more than one quote per source where...

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