mcfadden actress in star trek playing dr crusher

star trek picard

nbsp018332beverly crusher actress gates mcfadden might be teasing a future appearance on star trek picard mcfadden played beverly the enterprises chief medical officer for nearly every season of star trek the next generation she was briefly absent for season 2...

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the big goodbye

nbsp018332quotthe big goodbyequot is the twelfth episode of the american science fiction television series star trek the next generation the episode first aired in broadcast syndication on january 11 1988 this was the second writing credit of the series for tracy torm233 following the episode quothavenquot rob bowman planned to direct the episode but he was...

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star trek official site

nbsp018332star trek lower decks sets release date previews first trailer and series pos news amp updates star trek discovery transport into the star trek universe at comic conhome news amp updates star trek discovery your star trek reading list for july 2020...

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katherine pulaski

nbsp018332katherine pulaski is a fictional medical doctor in the american science fiction television series star trek the next generation she served a rotation as the chief medical officer aboard the federation starship uss enterprise d during her time on the ship her medical skills saved the lives of both captain jean luc picard and commander...

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who was the better doctor tng star trek nerds only

nbsp018332my vote is for dr crusher i did like pulaski and i think the first run dr crusher got away with a lot of shit with captain picard to be fair star trek in general suffers from a lot of quotim the protagonist so i can break the rules and get away with itquot protagonist centered morality...

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what the stars of star trek are up to now

nbsp018332gates mcfadden is best known for her role as beverly crusher in the star trek television series and also the four subsequent movies while many trekkies will know her as gates the actor also goes by the name cheryl mcfadden when she works as a choreographer for stage productions...

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beverly crusher

nbsp018332beverly crusher is a character in the fictional star trek franchise debuting in the television series star trek the next generation gates mcfadden portrayed the character for all but the second of its seven seasons as well as its spin off feature films star trek generations star trek first contact star trek insurrection and star trek nemesis...

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gates mcfadden

nbsp018332cheryl gates mcfadden born march 2 1949 1 is an american actress and choreographer she is usually credited as cheryl mcfadden when working as a choreographer and gates mcfadden when working as an actress she is best known for playing dr beverly crusher in the star trek the next generation television series and in the four subsequent films...

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its only forever

nbsp018332a year after this movie she starred on star trek the next generation 1987 credited as quotgates mcfaddenquot playing dr beverly crusher a role she played in six of the seven seasons of the...

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